Friday, 6 June 2014

Angry Bird Stella is coming : Rovio

Angry Bird is flying high now Rovio has announced its Angry Birds Stella ,another spin off of the popular angry Birds game, will be launching in September this year .Rovio has also revealed how the new game would look like, though it has already released a slew of teasers for the game. according to the game developer, Stella is an inclusive brand as celebrates female heroism.

Angry Birds Stella will be accompanied by character such as Poppy , Willow , Dahlia and Luca , and are supposed to "find creative and fun solutions to their problems ". Stella and her friends will also go head to head with Gale, a good bird gone bad, who wants to rule over the birds' island habitat and her pig servants.

Blanca juti , The CMO of  Rovio Entertainment says "The wonderful spirit of  these fearless friends will shake things up across games. animations , books , consumer products and other fun content under the angry Birds Stella brand ".

First Angry Birds Stella title will feature slingshot gameplay set in an island, called Golden Island. The game will feature a new line of telepods ,new gameplay features. Rovio says is going to challenge even the most experienced bird flingers.

"Stella and her friends aren't just going to be in games this fall - November sees the premier of their very own animation series on ToonsTV ! The first season wil have 13 six-minute episodes, each one an inspiring tale of adventure, heroism and friendship . Episodes will air every week on ToonsTV, and the series will also make its way to TV and VoD services worldwide," says Rovio.

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