Friday, 13 June 2014

Amazing things You want to know about FIFA World Cup 2014

The ongoing FIFA world cup is historic for one big reason. Technology is going to play a big part in the games, to a level we've ever seen .

Take the official ball for the tournament named Brazuca. A new structural innonvation with unique symmetry of six identical panels alongside a different surface structure is what will provide the ball with enhanced grip , touch, stability and aerodynamics on the pitch.

FIFA is implementing a revolutionary Goal Line Technology for the very first time in a tournament of the scale of the world cup. it requires every stadium to be equipped with 14 high-speed cameras, with seven of the cameras tracking each goal line plane.

Sony and FIFA are also working together to capture and broadcast the upcoming world cup in 4K UHD display format (4x1080 p ), making it the first such tournament in the world to do so- i mean, what better way to promote and accelerate the adoption of 4K than capturing the attention of the largest captive television audience .

Prozone a UK based software analysis company that tracks the whole activity of every player because every player stick with ball only for average 3 minute and the remaining time what they do Prozone is going to track EPL players during games , and it definitely aims to excel and improve player output.

Before the tournament kicks off on June 12 however, a volunteer who suffers from paralysis is to publicly demonstrate a never-before seen mind controlled exoskeleton that will allow him or her to walk during the opening ceremony. this special suit will allow the person to walk on the pitch using only their thoughts to guide their movement until they kick the football and mark the opening of the world cup and also the next whole new era in brain research . 

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