Tuesday, 6 May 2014

latest interesting apps launched in 2014

Today i am going to tell you a list of most intersting and unique widows,iOS and Android apps launched in
April 2014 .The apps include new video and photo sharing apps, movie making and email apps that will make your life filled with fun in no time .

Frontback  ( Android ) :

Frontback is a cool new app that lets you click a picture from a front camera and another from a rear camera and share them in a single image on the web. on the other hand you can also add captions on the images, tag your  friends , add location and share them instantly with your friends and family via social networking sites like facebook , Twitter etc.

Movie Moments (Window Phone) :

This app lets you to crop videos to your favorite parts , highlight key moments with caption and also add music of your choice .You can also add funy and colorful captions to your video and share with your friends on the social networking site like facebook and Twitter etc.

Times city (WP) :

This app is all in one app ,The timesCity Windows app lets you search restaurants, bars & clubs near you . it also brings to you the latest movie shows time and information about the movie and informs you about the new movie release. The
Timescity app can help you plan your weekend and tells you what's trending in your city. Users can read critic reviews and ratings for different restaurants, movie , etc .

CyberDust (iOS):

CyberDust is a cool new app  come with a unique feature that lets you send multiple text message and photos that amazingly disappear after 30 seconds. the app lets you have private conversation and send self destructing photos , What's more if some one takes a screen shot you will be notified  , like snapchat . 

Did i miss out on your favourite new app? let me know in the comments below .

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