Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hack a WiFi network with your Android phone

If you are a student and do't want to spend your pocket money for your internet uses and want to take advantage of your neighbour's  superfast Wi-Fi connection then this article is for only for you. if your neighbour is smart then they probably have it password protected otherwise you would't be reading this article ,would you ? 

A team of researcher came up with a hacking software to get the problem of hardware limitations and added monitor mode to the Android devices to allow them to crack Wi-Fi passwords.

here in monitor mode to an Android device you can see all the traffic going through a network and how many devices are there connected to it but this software can also be used as Wi-Fi hacker .

To add monitor mode to an Android device the team researcher reverse engineered the Broadcom radio chip modified the firmware on the chipsets in Nexux one and Galaxy SII, which are vastly used as Android mobile device.The code is available on Google Code ,but one thing you need to know that is the chipset you have and download the right one code for the respected Chipset on your phone.

Once you have downloaded the code extract and run the setup. they have included instructions for each chipset and a few different devices on their blog so head over for the specifics.

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DIE Survival: how to filter dirty water with a stick

There are a lot of ways to filter dirty water but this trick is one of best way to purify  water near about 99.9 % very effectively but do't forget that this is only for survival situation because of there is 0.1 % impurity so this is not good for your daily use .

For survival situation only:

Environmental expert Robert jackson explained to NPR that even though the filter removes the majority of  bacteria ,it should still only be used in survival situation when there are no other option because of the xylem tissue are the right side for removing bacteria but usually viruses are much smaller and most probably would't be trapped in the filter .

To prove his theory Karnik mechanical engineer set up a simple experiment in his lab after making the filter he poured water he estimated that the filter removed 99.9% of the bacteria.

You are probably not going to find the plastic tube and a clamp from a nearby tree so simple can make difference filter just as well with the piece of wood.

so is it really clean for drinking ? Karnik says that a 3cm piece of wood can filter several litter of water per day. as it is a not a large scale solution but it could make a lot of difference.

you can read more about the study in the teams paper on PLOS ONE .

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Motorola's new Android Smart Watch MOTO 360

Now Motorola is going to launch its Android wear smartch the Moto 360 unlike other companies it maintains the classical look of a watch. Moto 360 comes with more traditional and premium look.The Moto 360 boasts a circular digital watchface powered by Android wear by this Android device you can access notifications live sports update ,weather or flights by just saying "Ok Google".

from my point of view Moto's made the sexiest smartwatch ever till the date.Moto 360 will be launched mid of this year with "variety of style" and sport metallic or leather bands .

Friday, 21 March 2014

Most addictive sites with some great stuff

Today i am going to tell you about some amazing sites that are very addictive. these sites are diffrent from other site they offer you great experience with some different content in your area of interest . 

1. This is why I'm broken :

One of my favourite TIWIB is an electronic magazine and a 'unique product shopping' website  here you can find jet packs ,flying cars ,007 like gadgets ,unusual clothing ,odd kitchen utensils , robots ,hovercraft and many more unusual gifts this site whole world of something different type of gadgets.

Visit here :

2. :

whole world is on your finger tip best Science projects ,software tricks ,hair style ,hacking and lot more here you can find every thing in how to do style with full video support  this site is delicious buffet of engineering ,ingenuity and curiousity. warning - most addictive site. 

Visit here:

3.Where Coolthings happen:

This site is dedicated to latest news ,travel ,lifestyle ,gadget and some funniest images here you can find the whole life in photos to an insider at Google's server farms will give you Wow feeling.

Visit here:

4.Pinterest :

One of the best site on the web here you can find high fashion ,stunning nature scene ,interior design ,cars ,foodie ,clothing ,technology ,gadgets and masterpieces the whole world of picture is here. 

Visit here:

5. :

This enthusiast site is for fiction and fantasy fans here you can find behind the scene stories games ,movie reviews  the top freak out Gamers of all Time and lot more interesting news .Be Warned - there is some Sexual content in these zerg net pages so be careful .

Visit here:

Monday, 17 March 2014

Great Torrent Sites with some Rare Content

All of we know about popular torrent site but now i am going to tell you the name of some less Popular site but with some Great and rare content  According to Alexa rating these sites are lesser known site but with Great content the order of these site is randomly selected.

The list site is here for You enjoy->










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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Top free Apps to Boost the Speed of your Android Phone

The frequent complaint i got from Android users is that their Phone feels "Slow" .if you just bought then its ok but if your Phone is more than Six month then there is a lot of possibility that you are eyeing for a New Android Phone due to its Slow speed and there is one more big problem that your Phone's battery running out quicker but also because of the staggering rate at which new new Phone are coming with Great specs.

Then ,if You are one of them let these five free apps help you to overcome this problem and Your "Old" Phone feels "New" one again.

1. Smart RAM Booster:

Download Link

This app is for you if you are feeling that your Phone slowdowns when you are Running an app ,this app let You 'Kill' that apps that are hogging system memory and reassigning RAM.

2. Android Assistant:

Download Link

This is Greatest only app that you need for your phone, you can use this app to optimize your whole Phone at one place and improve Phone's battery performance.This app work as a system monitor ,a task manager ,a file manager ,a power saver as a individual app and this is not the end here is lot more .

3. Greenify:

Download Link

It's not always a good idea to manually "kill" that apps that are running in the background  this can break that app to perform well so you need one great app that is Greenify this app improves the performance and life of Phone's battery.

4. Clean Master:

Download Link

This app offers a bunch of features among them one the best feature of this app is a built-in antivirus and a RAM booster here is lot more this app can clean the cache ,junk files that are waste after use it resides in your SD card and reduces the Speed of your Phone effectively this one app is enough for these problems to overcome.

5. Watchdog Task Manager:

Download Link

This app moniter  how much system resource every app is utilizing and notify if any app hogging up resources and slowing down your Phone and you can that app by the use of  Watchdog app prevent it from restarting (that is common process to a lot of Android).

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Reasons to Grab iOS 7.1 and Reasons to Wait

Reasons to Grab iOS 7.1 Now:

More advanced GUI :

The rectangle buttons on the screen they are not in iOS 7.1 if you are going to make a call or hang up,now you find green or red buttons instead of bars. now you will find more detailed weather app icons, a color-tweaked dial pad, slicker looking slide to unlock bar,cross-device Face time notification and a new one by month calender event viewer.It gives iOS 7.1 more Pleasurable GUI.

Siri is now listening more :

With iOS 7.1 Siri now listens for as long as you want by holding the Home button unlike when i am driving its gets confused by sounds and listens after i have complete my question in either instance ,it looses up My request.

Now you can set HDR to auto mode :

If you are not familiar with HDR (High Dynamic Range) think of it as a form that express the light range of scene especially on a Sunny day with HDR enabled this iPhone takes three shots with different exposers and by merging them it gives superior quality images.

With iOS 7.1,if you have an iPhone 5s you can set HDR to Auto mode now its up to iPhone's sensors,which should enable or disable the features intelligently.

iOS feels faster :

People are supposed to see the biggest speed improvement if you are using iPhone 4 but for iPhone 5 users they are not surprised by the speed as i have an iPhone 5 on this applications load faster form tap to finish.

More stable :

According to Apple,iOS 7.1 includes improvements to Touch ID fingerprint recognition and fixes the "Home screen crash bug".

Reasons to Wait:

People complaining that update breaks the Touch ID:

Some people are saying that iOS 7.1 update improves Touch ID's recognition while on the other hand some people claim opposite on Apple's official forums .if you are dependent on Touch ID you might wait for further update of 7.1 until know more about the perfectness of those support board claims.

Ready for high-end Cars:

Vehicles in 2014 the CarPlay will only be supported by few them like Ferrari ,Mercedes Benz ,Honda ,Hyundai and Volvo more vehicle are there but unspecified date.Now Apple eyeing your car dashboard carplay will allow you to interact with your iPhone plug in and you are able to get directions listen to Music send and receive messages. carplay supports third party apps like Spotify ,Beats Music and iHeartRadio and more and more things coming soon(as Apple promises).

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Best budget Android phone Moto X Price and Specs

 The Moto X  was launched in US  carrying a $ 579(Rs. 35,000 approx)but the price was recently slashed to $399(Rs. 24,000 approx ).The pricing is not the only issue for the Moto X it simply does't have high end specs any more. it comes with 1.7  GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor backed by 2GB of RAM so it stands in the mid-range phone segment.

Moto X comes with 2200 mAh battery and there is no micro SD slot so the standard 16 GB model. The basic features are a USB port at the bottom power and volume rocker button on the left side of the phone and standard 3.5 mm jack on the Top of the phone.

Talking about the buttons they are very well placed and responsive to use. SIM slot is given on the left side of the phone which uses Nano SIM like Apple's iPhone.

One of the key features of the Moto X is its feels quit handy it looks relatively small and easy to handle compare to large screen devices like Samsung Galaxy Note.

Moto X sports a 4.7 inch 720p AMOLED screen and the well designed feels good the back of the Phone is almost exactly to the shape of your hand this is most definitely a one-hand use phone, unlike most high-end Android phone and in many ways Moto X is more comfortable than any other phone than even the Apple's iPhone.Moto X is built by plastic but it uses good quality plastic.

Moto X sports a 10MP Camera and there is no humps so it is quit easy to end up touching the camera.

One of the key features of the Moto X that it comes with KITKAT for the best experience of the Android .

Moto X comes with unique harware customisation while the chipset is Snapdragon S4 Pro-derived dual-core design, Moto added two contextual units one of them is for natural language processing and always listening features of the touch-less control and the other one to use all its sensors to understand when the phone is out for the use for instance to show the notifications and enable the camera flick gessture.

One of the most interesting features on the Moto X is Touchless control.Even your phone with screen off the phone is waiting  for you to say "Ok Google Now" and screen will light up for your commands to perform like sending a message,making a call and searching through Google Maps.

Before use this feature you must sync with the Phone by training your phone to understand your voice when its done it responds only to your voice its interesting and feels like magic.

At last i think its the best Phone under this price tag with KITKAT for best experience of Android OS. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Top10 free entertainment Apps for Android

No one think about his or her life without Their favourite gadget,Smartphone have brought the entire world in the human palm.Whether a person want to know weather can access weather forecast want News on the go or want live details of their train or flight book their thickets on the go and many more. Technology affected our life even we do't think about all these fields ,we can use different apps for that and there are a lot of field in human life that are fully affected by technology in present scenario no one think about their life without these technologies and now i am going to tell you about the list of  Top10 entertainment apps that brings a lot  of cheer to you and they never feel you alone these are->

 1- NextGTv : This is one app the best app that allows you to watch TV one the go here you can watch more that 140 Live Indian TV channels. nextGTv's services are not only restricted to live streaming but also replay on demand .

2- Bitstrips: this app is treat for those who is very found of  comic you can instantly share comic messages to your allows you to vertually create any character and situation as you want to create.

3- IMD Movies and TV: This is one of the biggest entertainment store where you can search for celebrities ,actors, actress and directors . it also enable its users to read movies of films as TVshows.

4- TED: This is one of the best apps for learning with entertainment .Ted brings to you worlds most fascinating people from all walks of life and delivers best of information in the form of lecture and speeches.

5- Vine: Vine is a social networking site for video application where any one can create watch and Share videos promote their business can share videos with friends and family using twitter facebook.

6- Moboplayer : One of the finest video player for Android OS. is supports all formats of videos along with sub-title. with a briliantly designed interface you can also switch options using gesture.

7- Discover Amazing Art and Artist : This is a stage where you can share your skills over from 190 countries with more than 1 million artists. Photography ,Painting ,Sketching ,Digital Art ,Craft ,Sculpting , Graffiti and Performing arts are some of the categories under which you can showcase your skills.

8- 9GAG: it is a collection of funniest content from all over the world here you can find pics, GIFs , videos , memes , cute , wtf , geeky , cosplay photos.This is free for download for only limited period.

9- AstroSage Kundli : Designed specially for indian audience it provides Vedic Astrology , Horoscope Matching, Panchang , Ashtakvarga ,Shodashvarga etc.

10- Love calculator: the app is to find out your potential partner for the future prospects User can enter the name along with another name and the application will predict a love percentage by its algo.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

How to download YouTube videos

Found of videos here is simple and easy steps to download YouTube videos. A lot of ways are there to download YouTube videos here are two trusted sites for you to download and enjoy videos when you want to do so.Clip grab requires application download while kiabase do not.

Method 1 out of 2: ClipGrab (Verified)

  • Download and install Clipgrab this program runs on Mac, Windows and Linux , its totally free and  open source software.

  • Copy the URL of the video which one you want to download.

  • Paste the URL into the place on window.

  • Select the desired format and quality.

  • Click on the option "Grab this clip" which starts the download of your desired video.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sophsticated OS inspired by Iron Man

One of the biggest personal technology is coming to surprise us two Indian Computer science student Chirag Dewan and Jaipur's Himanshu Vaishnav working on their idea of artificial intelligence can change our life in broad bosomed way on a Skype call from the US he says " Jarvis is a totally redesigned OS we are not going to change the paradigm but we will change user experience for sure ".

 Vaishnav says" at the core of this OS is artificial intelligence which will be included in the system as a component So ,the next time it performs even better with the inclusion if unconventional input as the standard ,you will communicate with the system as if it is an individual "  

"we are a start-up and would like to see how it works before scaling up " adds Devan ,who is CEO of the company which has now 10 people working on the project on multiple countries.

Micromax Canvas Knight A350 Price and Full review

This Phone is comes with Amazing Specification with this pricetag like:

Screeen-> 5inch IPS display with 1920X1080 , 443 ppi  

Processor-> 2GHz Tru Octa core Media Tek MT MT 6592 processor 


Storage-> 32GB storage (only 24 GB available for user ), no micro SD slot 

Camera-> 16 MP rear ,  8 MP front , 1080 Full HD video recording

Connectivity-> 3G Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth 4.0 

Battery -> 2350 mAh 

OS-> Android 4.2 Jellybean

PRICE-> Rs 19,999

Phone looks like iPhone 5s at the edges  There are micro SIM slots on bot sides and no slot for SD card The full HD IPS display is one of the biggest plus point of this Phone this phone does good job even in bright sunlight audio quality is feels good the overall performance is good. This Phone is True Octacore Phone so consumes lot power for any process but its not issue at all with Octacore processor Ideal for Smooth Multiprocessing.On  Antutu benchmark it does 'Amazing' Job This Phone comes with 32 GB internal memory in which 24 GB available for user that is decent as you can download large files and with 2GB of RAM you are  overwhelmed by performance but the UI of the OS is not good at all. Camera of this Phone is also good it gives you good pictures even in low light and indoors there is a bit noise in the images this Phone comes with 3D panaroma feature but with this Price tag the Camera gives Decent images. with 2350 mAh battery lasted full day on low brightness (as power issue is biggest negative point for the Octacore processor Phone).

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