Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Top 7 health and fitness apps for iOS and Andriod

Its the great time to help you choose from the best health and fitness apps available for you iOS and Android device because of now a days with the flagship smartphones llike iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 putting fitness features firmly on the radar.

Nike+ Running :

Available on:  iOS  , Android

Price : Free

Nike+ Running is probably the most popular running app on the planet and it reached that spot thanks to its simple but great user interface . The app tracks your runs and highlights achievements. it also lets you compete with your friends on a leaderboard  and keeps you motivated with the help of the Coach feature that you can use to train for marathons.

Runtastic Pro :

Available on :   iOS , Android 

Price :  Rs. 300

if you're the king of person whi cannot go for a day without cardio workouts , jogging or exercise, then Runtastic pro is sepecially for you it gives you a comprehensive set of tools to monitor your workout regimen including a "Voice coach" that gives you updates on your progress. Other neat features include the ability to receive "cheers" from friends while you're on you're on your run or workout, and the ability to monitor your heat rate and calorie intake.

Runtastic pro is also available in a free ad-supported variant that cuts down on a few features.

Cardiograph :

Available on:   iOS  , Android 

Price:  Rs. 120 (iOS),Free (Android)

For and app that only has one main feature, cardiograph can prove very, very useful. like its name suggests, you can use cardiograph to measure your heart rate. All you need to do is run the app and place your index finger on your phones's camera. The apps saves your reading for future reference and you can also add multiple profiles of users and also add notes to every reading you want .


Avaliable on:   iOS  , Android 

Price :  Free

Love running ? Then, Runkeeper is one app that you must download and try out. the app can track all the details of your runs including your speed,distance and time. if you keep your headphones plugged in during your jog, the app well also regularly update you on your progress and provide tips on how to run better. Runkeeper also makes it easy to share your runs across social networks and lets your friends follow your runs live.

Zombies Run :

Available on :  iOS , Android 

Price :  Rs. 250 (iOS),Rs.255.17 (Android)

this app is different from other app and comes with the different concept .if keeping yourself fir and health isn't motivating enough to go on a run, then perhaps fear is. That's the logic that drives Zombies, Run that places you in the starring role of a person running away from hordes of Zombies. By using headphones, Zombies , Run creates an immersive experience that makes you feel like you're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and need to run to complete objectives and ensure your survival.

Seven minutes workout:

Available on : iOS , Android

Price : Free

Not everyone has the time to engage in hour long or even half-hour workouts everyday. if you want to get fitter but can only spend up to 10 minutes a day working out, then seven is specially for you . using this app, you can enagage in 14 different exercise for 30 seconds each resulting in an intensive workout that only takes up seven minutes.

Calorie Counter -My fitnessPal

Available on:  iOS , Android 

Price :  Free

Do you want to manage your calorie intake in order to improve your health? Calorie Counter in one of the best apps that will help you to do so thanks to its massive library of over 3 million dishes and ingredients. you can use the app to scan the barcodes of  your grocery purchases and also manually input whatever you may be eating.

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