Thursday, 22 May 2014

Surface Pro 3 what's good and where it lacks

Microsoft's newly launched Surface Pro 3 looks like a laptop than a tablet . The Surface Pro runs on a proper laptop engine -Intel Haswell series core processors, 4GB of RAM and 64-256 GB of solid state memory so the possibility is high that it will get the upgrade soon once Broadwell platform ready. The Surface Pro 3 comes with SATA 3 interface is a tad disappointing . Storage performance is lot faster due to PCI interface.

Screen size :

The biggest change on the surface Pro 3 is its screen size goes to 12 inch and aspect ratio 3:2 similar to the iPad's 4:3 aspect ratio. Overall the display is large and sharp enough for a ultraportable laptop-like use case scenario. The Best part of this device is its touchscreen further aids ease of use, even when using this device as a laptop. 

 Battery life :

For ultraportable laptop users, hours of battery life is premium one most of the  windows 8.1 ultrabooks tread in the 6-8 hours range for battery life. "Testing consist of full battery discharge while internet browsing over WiFi was associated with a network Auto-Brightness disabled ,and bluetooth Radio was turned off .Battery life varies with settings , usage and other factors" .

Much improved Surface Pro type cover :

The Surface Pro Type cover for the Surface Pro 3 is larger than the previous one because of the larger dimensions Surface Pro 3 allows the cover to offer an almost  full-size keypad, making typing a comfortable and smooth experience but you still don't get the same tactile feedback as of ultrabooks / laptops due to the shallow design of the keypad. 

Weight and portability :

Surface Pro 3 is most definitely a lot more portable compared to laptop and ultrabooks due its compact design its weights only 0.8 Kg (800 grams) weight profile and compact dimensions, but when you add the cover takes the weight to approximately 1.1 kg bringing 
it closer to the 1.3 kg ultrabook territory due to which it's heavy , cumberosme and awkward to hold .

Price :

Priced at $799 the surface Pro 3 seems well priced but adding $130 for the "Type cover" pushes the price tag to $940 for a 64 GB version with base core i3 processor. Add 128 GB flash drive and a core i5 processor (same as all base versions of ultrabooks/laptops) and you end up with a final price tag that reads more like $1128 rather than $799.

Connectivity :

No 3G /LTE for a $ 799 tablet .yes , the launch model don't offer cellular data connectivity , WiFi is the only way to get the Surface Pro 3 connected to the web. 

No fan :

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 does house a fan inside its slim chassis to keep things cool and while it might not be as audible ,holding it close to you when using in tablet mode could make the fan noise an irritant, especially in quit environments .

As stated at the beginning of this story , the Surface Pro 3 is a lot more of a laptop than a tablet but it is better in aspect of portability ,but i doubt whether it will make you dump your laptop .

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