Friday, 2 May 2014

Snapchat going high added text chat and video call features

Snapchat added new feature the biggest update yet thursday , in a big move added text messaging and vedwo chatting to its photo and video chatting to its photo and video sharing app.

The latest version of the Snapchat app focuses on helping its users have conversations rather than just one-off picture and video messages.

the snapchat was badly missing an important part of conversation as the company wrote in a blog post "There's nothing like knowing you have the full attention of your fried while you're chatting".

In a new look :

Many of the app's icons and buttons have been redesigned and the entire user interface gas been given some much-needed polish. The menus, which you still navigate via swipes, are cleaner and less cluttered. The font style is also been given new look with more subtle typeface with smaller one .

New feature added Text messing :

One of the biggest thing that snapchat was badly in need that was conversation between users and with the latest update ,users can now have full-fledged conversations through the app. Simply swipe right over a contact's name from  your inbox to pull up a conversation view.

Video Chatting :

One of the best feature that snapchat added is live video chatting to the app. This feature is triggered only when both users have the app open and are in the same conversation.When this occurs , the yellow capture button turns into a blue button the company is calling "here".

Hold down this button and the app begins to record video that immediately appears on the user's screen. As you do in the photo messages in text chats, you can swipe between your device's front and rear-facing cameras by swiping up and down on the screen .

As far as video quality , is not exactly the HD quality of other apps like FaceTime but its feels better than average especially considering it's in real time it's pretty good .

Compared to this update ,the old snapchat , with the simple design and emphasis solely on disappearing photos , seems a bit immature .With the latest update The SnapChat has managed to build a powerful and with  Better GUI build a surprisingly powerful messaging platform .

Snapchat's newest app is available download here on  iOS and Android .

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