Thursday, 10 April 2014

5 Tips to fix your iPhone and iPad battery life Problem

Apple's iOS 7.1 update brings you some interesting feature but there is also some loop hole to fix users are complaining about battery life issues.

On iOS 7.1 and found battery life to be slightly worse than one has found an official fix,but users have reported different level of success fighting the battery drain.

if you are facing any such issues with iOS 7.1 on your iPhone this guide attempts to offer solutions to of the much reported problem. 

1-Test your battery :

Former Apple Genius bar employee Scotty Loveless has a test to help check whether your phone has a battery drain problem.

Go to >Settings >General >Usage . write down the standby and usage times, Press the lock button and leave the device for 5 minutes. 

Now go back into the setting menu and recheck the Usage status .your standby time should have increased by 5 minutes and usage time decreases by 1 minute .if your Usage time rises by more than 1 minute, your phone is not going into sleep mode properly and you have problem.

Once in every couple of days , i suggest you to look at the apps that may be open on your phone and swiping them upward to close .That is if you don't regularly close apps after you are done using them .Double tap the Home button , and you basically get into a task manager. Swipe up the apps that you wish to close.

But, what if an unoptimized app crashes and doesn't follow the suggested behaviour ? You may not realize it, but that will keep draining battery in the background .

2-Disable Push Mail then re-enable:

Sometimes push email gets stuck in a loop and this drains the battery constantly . Turn it off and then check the usage stats from step one .if the battery drain reduces , You've found you'r problem . You can also try changing the fetch times to once every hour, 30 minutes or 15 minutes. 

Go to Setting >Mail, Contacts , Calander >Fetch New Data >and turn off 'Push' .Ideally set the account to Fetch new messages during a particular duration or if a particualr mail account isn't important anyway ,set it to manual.

3-Adjust Screen Brightness :

Double check the brightness setting .The screen is the biggest consumer of battery and if you've got it set to full blast this will drain the power quickly and also reduces the battery life.

It's Good idea to leave it on 75 % and also use the auto-brightness feature.

Go to Setting >Wallpaper & Brightness .

4- Turn off Location services :

Location services is also a massive batter hog . to turn this off 
Go to Setting >Privacy >Location Services . Turn off Bluetooth as well from the quick setting menu by flicking up from the Homescreen. 

5- Background app refresh :

Background app Refresh keeps unused apps active periodically in the background to check for new data .This uses up battery .Turn off background app refresh Setting >General >Background app Refresh .Alternatively ,you can selectively turn off some apps, while retaining only the critical ones for background data updates. The point is simple - apps permitted to run in the background will eat up lot of battery. While in reality, they may not really be open.

Keep checking i will give you latest update on this topic .

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