Sunday, 20 April 2014

Know more about Google Glass

Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display it is also known as Project Glass and Manufactured by Foxconn and costs $1,500.

You can saw flight information automatically beam to your eye. Now reminder day before travelling ,the weather for both your departure and destination to the airport were already being provided by this instinctual software. All of this data appeared in the top right corner of your vision ,all without the need to take out your smartphone.

OS : Android 4.4.2

CPU : OMAP 4430 Soc,Dual core

Memory : 1 GB RAM(682 MB available for use)

Storage : 16 GB Flash (12 GB usable)

Sensor : Acclerometer ,gyroscope ,magnetometer , ambient light sensor ,proximity sensor

Input : Voice command through microphone ,Touch pad,My Glass phone app

Camera : 5 MP,videos -720 p

Connectivity : Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g ,Bluetooth ,micro USB

Weight : 50 g

Cost : $ 1,500 USD

It comes with titanium head band remains durable as it stretches from ear to ear it runs alongside a plastic casing that hides Glass' kye components and gives it a neat and clean look .

When anyone looks at Google Glass first attention immediately drawn to the adjacent cube-shaped glass prism that sits above the right sports a 640 X 360 resolution and hangs just out of the way of the wearer's line of sight .this personalized display acts as a much bigger screen, one that's equivalent to a 25-inch HDTV sitting eight feet away .

The Google Glass dimension are 5.25 inches at its wides point and 8 inches at its longest point so not friendly to carry in pocket .

The Google Glass colour options are charcoal ,tangerine ,shale ,cotton and sky .

Google Glass looks bulky due to battry and durable frame but its extremely lightweight and comfortable resting on user's face .it weights just 42 grams its just out of line of sight user usually forget that they are wearing Google Glass .

For :

Easy to use

Slick ,comfortable design

take hands free photos

head-tracking navigation is surreal

Conversation starter

Against :

Bulkiness of the battery and durable frame

Battery life is very poor

Not pocket friendly

5 MP photos need good lightning

Limited number of apps

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