Thursday, 3 April 2014

Amazon Fire TV a multi Billion dollor Effort

The company Amazon began selling a device wednesday that let you watch Amazon's extensive video library as well as play a wide range of Games on your television sets.

"Amazon has a  vested interest in making sure it is present at every moment of possible consumption ,which is all the time "said James McQuivery an analyst with Forrester Resercher.

Amazon Fire TV is a Multibillion dollor baby now a days Physical formats such as books ,CD and DVDs are disappering replaced by downloads and streaming.

Video is much more competitive Netflix which began by renting the same DVDs that Amazon was selling, is the leader both in streaming video and creating original shows to future on it.

Fire TV ,which arrives after years of explicit rumors and intense speculation ,costs $ 99 in addition to content from Amazon's own studios ,it offers programming the retailer licenses for an 20 million Amazon Prime subscriber .Those customers.Those customers pay as muh as $ 99 a year for a membership that includes videos and shipping .

Other Fire  content will come from established players like Hulu and Netflix .Yet another source will be homemade films.wiht a seprate $40 controller ,Fire TV can also used to play games,including a version of the extremely popular Minecraft.

Amazon the improvements and enhancement promoted for Fire TV : a Voice search function that allows users to say a name like Will smith and see the results instantly pop up and a prediction feature that knows what you want and queues it up.

One small cllue to the company's ultiate plans :Amazon is promoting an app for its box from a start-up called Magico. It offers free automatic Video-editing software that can reduce the three-four hour movie to someting far snipper .the company says it has tens of million of users a small percentage of  people are making their films public. 

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