Sunday, 13 April 2014

Top 5 Photo editing apps for Android

Today smartphone are getting much smarter when it comes to photography. and it is quit convenient to carry a smartphone rather than carrying two devices at the same time Camera modules on smartphone are getting better each day and people have started ditching DSLR and even point to Shoot cameras for smartphones with amazing shooting capabilities.

Today I am going to tell you about some Apps for your android device that can improve your photographs to a whole new level.

Instagram :

Everyone loves to take picture of their beloved one food nature and cute pets and sharing them with everyone Instagram has brought smartphone photography to the social media giants and now Instagram has
 over a million user .if you love sharing your picture then this app is specially for you .

Download Instagram

Snapseed :

One of the Top most famous photo editing app Snapseed which is now owned by Google itself .It includes some basic editing and also effects like filters and border to your photos.You can even share on Google+ .it is a great editing app developed by Nik software, which is popular plugins manufacturer for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Download Snapseed

FxCamera :

Apart from letting you shoot picture this app also offers more than 30 filters and sone editing tools to enhance your pictures,by this app you can also add text and voice tags to your pictures for better organization.

Download FxCamera

Abode Photoshop Express :

Photoshop needs no intro that it is king of all editing software, so why not try hands on this ? Abode Photoshop Express gives a lot features like cropping , sharpening ,colour correction ,exposure control and a lot more .you should definitely try hands on this app.

Download Photoshop

Camera360 :

This app is great alternative for your stock camera app. It includes a number of camera modes like Easy camera ,Sony Camera ,Effects Camera ,Funny Camera , Audio Camera and the best part is that its GUI is very easy to you can also upload and save your pictures to the Cloud.

Download Camera360 

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