Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Android phone Nokia X Price and full Specs

The much awaited Nokia Android take birth at the Mobile world congress in Barcelona and create lot of attention in tech world Nokia preferring to stay with Symbian Asha and Window Phone (Worlds second largest Mobile OS) because of its close relationship with Microsoft but want to begin War in Android Phone Segment .

Nokia is going to launch Three Android Phone at first these are Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL Nokia is going to launch these devices in a very affordable price  segment.

Nokia X will cost 89 Euros, The Nokia X+ with 99 Euros and the large screen XL will cost 109 Euros all of these devices will cost nearly Rs 7,000- Rs 10,000 price belt.

Nokia X sports a 4.0 inch display and 512 MB RAM; Nokia X+ also comes with 4.0 inch display and sports 768 MB RAM and XL has 5.0 inch display and 768 MB RAM all of these devices are powered by dual core snapdragon processor by Qualcomm and poses 800X480 resolution ;The Nokia X and Nokia X+ both comes with 3.0 megapixel camera while Nokia XL with 5.0 megapixel.

All devices  comes with dual SIM support .

Android 4.1.2 ,Jelly Bean.

well there are lots of Android Phone in the market with great Specs at very low price but Nokia's record in support  has been outstanding so this is plus point Nokia is also known for its Solid design Nokia will bundle a number of its services free of cost like MixRadio , Maps and navigation for a lifetime and so on all your apps arranged on your home screen like Lumia devices, where swiping to the left shows you a list of recently used apps.This will be Hybrid of Window phone and Android  phone Interface very much like what Amazon did with Android for its Kindle Fire Tabs.

There is no Google Play on Nokia's Android device Nokia will have own app store on the devices like Yandex .
you will be fully dependent on Nokia for the latest version of Android but you don't have to worry about its totally up to Nokia they will avail software updates whenever they improve the OS.

What do you think about Nokia's first Android Phone..Please give your reviews here

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