Monday, 10 February 2014

Most popular Free Game FlappyBird no more

One of the most popular free Game  on the Apple Inc App store and Google Inc's Android Play store took the game down.

now no one can download for either Apple or Google user,but can have fun if they already downloaded  in the past to their devices.

Nguyen Ha Dong, a Hanoi based game developer, announced the dumping of the addictive game in a tweet on Saturday he also apologized to Floppy Bird players.The Android version has been downloaded more than 50 million times and more than half million reviews.

Many people are waiting for the comment on Dong's decision. Rummer is that this decision taken due to Dong is going to develop the Games for Microsoft Window phones.Dong turned his telephone off.

Unlike other successful game like Angry Bird developed by Rovio Entertainment needed team effort while Dong made Flappy Bird by himself in a few nights.The Game which he said inspired by Mario Bros, has been earning $50,000 daily from ads.

"Flappy Bird is not to the taste of many game investors due to its Hit-based cash flow" said Nguyen Hieu Linh, investment manager of Japanese CyberAgent Inc.

One of the gaming company Dong's decision to dump the game was wise as Dong taking one step back to avoid legal risks. 

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