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How to built a website

                                                  Step 1

Choose a Domain Name :

The first thing to do is to choose your sites domain name. a domain name is simply the address by which you are known on Internet. You need to to register your domain name every year it costs nearly $ 10.
you need to choose simple yet easy to understand that what content it poses. for example  explains exactly what the website is about.Whatever you choose will represent your brand.

The first thing is going in your mind is 

From where I can get a Domain name :

you can register a Domain name by simply typing " Get a Domain name " in your search engine and choose your best Suited plane by providers like etc. 

How much a domain name cost :

A domain name costs nearly $ 10-15 per year .

                                                    Step 2

Select your web hosting company :

The web hosting company is the company that provides you space to create web pages on net and provides Shopping carts, email address , security ,templets and many more things for best use of your site. 

How to get a web hosting company :

By simply typing "Top 10 web hosting reviews " you can get the package best suited for you and get the Reviews of that company .It can be Monthly or yearly choose what best suited for you.

                                                    Step 3

Start building :

what kind of site you want to Built :

firstly you must decide what kind of site you are going to built it can be online store , tech review site 
No coding experience is necessary simply Search for the theme you want to use which will be provided by your web hosting site , activate it customize it as you want. Now your web site it ready to go.

There are basically two types of website 

Static vs. Dynamic websites :

In static website content is uploaded and displayed "as it is" While in Dynamic website information comes from database and so you can display your website content by date ,category etc. Static web site are not are not very popular in present it also take lots of time and effort to develop you have to learn HTML or buy Dreamweaver like software.  

Good deal is WordPress because it supports dynamic website you also use plugins to add many more functionality .Here are lots of templets that can help you to built your site as you wish in a very easy format.

I would highly recommend WordPress because it's the most flexible, robust blogging system on the web.

Most frequently asked question ->

How much time it will take to get popular ?

This is the most frequently asked question I think it will totally depends on your smartness like what tools you used and the Plans that you follow to get more and more quality traffic and time you get. there is no way to predict that what time you will take to get popular it varies from person to person.

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