Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to Increase Internet Speed

Today I will give you tips and tricks with which you can reduce unnecessary Use of your data packet by window 8 OS:

First of all ,Turn off the live tile for those apps use internet every time you connect to the internet like News, facebook ,Travel, News apps etc. its not necessary to close tile off for the music,videos, photos. To do this just go to start menu>right click on the app and click on Turn live tile off.secondly,change window update setting you can download the window update at one time.then change the update setting to "Check for the update but let me choose where to download and install them".

The most important you have to stop all the process which a lot of data packet and download for software update (to update software make it manually).to stop the background download go through the following steps :Start the task manager >>select more details (if not selected ) >>click on the services tab >>Click on the bottom left corner >>a new window will come >>Find out "Background intelligent Transfer Service " >>right click over it >>Stop it .now close the window.

The another important thing that system provides only 20% for your use reserves 80% for itself.To change this  follow the instruction :

Press press window key+R >> Then type gpedit.msc and press enter >> you will see a tab local computer policy and under it see Computer configuration >> Now click on the Administrative templates >> Now click on the reservable bandwidth >> now a new window will come >>now select Enabled >> make the bandwidth limit to 0%  >>now Apply and ok.

Mostly if we are going for heavy download, most service provider slows the downloading like when we visit to a movie download site connection autometically slows down because we use only DNS which provided by the services provider to tackle this problem type "DNS jumper" follow the instruction you will surely increase your net speed also in peek hours.

Change your Wi-Fi channel ->

Use a program such as SSIDer for PC and KisMAC or WiFi Scanner for Mac to scan for channel that are not as populated. Switching to these channels will reduce interface and possibly increase your speed.

Go for speed test->
A lot of free ways to do this the best way search "Speed test" on your Search engine and run test you may need to install plugin in order to get the tests to can also use this one

Compare result with what you are paying for->
 Many service provider claims speed "up to"a certain number that means they can't guarantee high speed.

if you are consistently receiving lower speed than what are you paying for, contact your service provider.
ISPs advertise in megabits,not megabyte.There are 8 megabits(Mb) in a megabyte(MB), so if you are paying for 25 Mbps then just over 3MBps of actual speed so be careful about this trap.

Turn your modem off and on ->
Sometimes a simple reset can significantly increase your net speed.just make sure you know your login info in case your computer will require to enter it after the reset.

Gone over your allowance->
Significantly decrease the speed contact to customer care department for detail if you have gone over your allowance.

Poor signal->
if the router is old nearly 2-3 year then its time to upgrade with new one.This can much improved  
the Speed over the older wireless router.

Changing the web browser->
if you installed a bunch of tool bars and plugins ,it may be easier to 
 switch to a new web-browser.

Now see your network meter ,hopefully it will not show any increase in data usage unless you do surfing or downloading. so enjoy the best use of your packet data. 

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