Saturday, 8 February 2014

Grand opening of 'The Lego' with $17 million

As we are very found of  'Lego' now its time for the much awaited 'The Lego movie'. The Lego movie's terrific start by total collection of $ 17.14 million  I would't be surprised by the total weekend collection will break the record of $ 70 million.

Universals 'Lorax' which as comparison point for T'he Lego movie' opened with the record $17.5 million and ended the weekend with total collection of $ 70 million.

The most anticipated 'monster vs aliens' starts with $ 11 million with first day and ended the weekend with $ 43 million and if it performs like 'Lorax' then it would't a surprise that The Lego movie will get the record mark of $70 million.

The movie is performing like the much anticipated 'The Simpsons movie' that was played to adults that film was PG-13 and was not well received by as The Lego movie as if performs like Lorax?well then The Lego movie snags record $70 million. Personally I think the sky is the limit on this one.

The weekend will be positively affected by the word-of-mouth let's see what would happen..   

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