Sunday, 16 March 2014

Top free Apps to Boost the Speed of your Android Phone

The frequent complaint i got from Android users is that their Phone feels "Slow" .if you just bought then its ok but if your Phone is more than Six month then there is a lot of possibility that you are eyeing for a New Android Phone due to its Slow speed and there is one more big problem that your Phone's battery running out quicker but also because of the staggering rate at which new new Phone are coming with Great specs.

Then ,if You are one of them let these five free apps help you to overcome this problem and Your "Old" Phone feels "New" one again.

1. Smart RAM Booster:

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This app is for you if you are feeling that your Phone slowdowns when you are Running an app ,this app let You 'Kill' that apps that are hogging system memory and reassigning RAM.

2. Android Assistant:

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This is Greatest only app that you need for your phone, you can use this app to optimize your whole Phone at one place and improve Phone's battery performance.This app work as a system monitor ,a task manager ,a file manager ,a power saver as a individual app and this is not the end here is lot more .

3. Greenify:

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It's not always a good idea to manually "kill" that apps that are running in the background  this can break that app to perform well so you need one great app that is Greenify this app improves the performance and life of Phone's battery.

4. Clean Master:

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This app offers a bunch of features among them one the best feature of this app is a built-in antivirus and a RAM booster here is lot more this app can clean the cache ,junk files that are waste after use it resides in your SD card and reduces the Speed of your Phone effectively this one app is enough for these problems to overcome.

5. Watchdog Task Manager:

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This app moniter  how much system resource every app is utilizing and notify if any app hogging up resources and slowing down your Phone and you can that app by the use of  Watchdog app prevent it from restarting (that is common process to a lot of Android).

Share your problem with me i will help You ..Thanks for reading 

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