Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sophsticated OS inspired by Iron Man

One of the biggest personal technology is coming to surprise us two Indian Computer science student Chirag Dewan and Jaipur's Himanshu Vaishnav working on their idea of artificial intelligence can change our life in broad bosomed way on a Skype call from the US he says " Jarvis is a totally redesigned OS we are not going to change the paradigm but we will change user experience for sure ".

 Vaishnav says" at the core of this OS is artificial intelligence which will be included in the system as a component So ,the next time it performs even better with the inclusion if unconventional input as the standard ,you will communicate with the system as if it is an individual "  

"we are a start-up and would like to see how it works before scaling up " adds Devan ,who is CEO of the company which has now 10 people working on the project on multiple countries.

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