Friday, 14 March 2014

Reasons to Grab iOS 7.1 and Reasons to Wait

Reasons to Grab iOS 7.1 Now:

More advanced GUI :

The rectangle buttons on the screen they are not in iOS 7.1 if you are going to make a call or hang up,now you find green or red buttons instead of bars. now you will find more detailed weather app icons, a color-tweaked dial pad, slicker looking slide to unlock bar,cross-device Face time notification and a new one by month calender event viewer.It gives iOS 7.1 more Pleasurable GUI.

Siri is now listening more :

With iOS 7.1 Siri now listens for as long as you want by holding the Home button unlike when i am driving its gets confused by sounds and listens after i have complete my question in either instance ,it looses up My request.

Now you can set HDR to auto mode :

If you are not familiar with HDR (High Dynamic Range) think of it as a form that express the light range of scene especially on a Sunny day with HDR enabled this iPhone takes three shots with different exposers and by merging them it gives superior quality images.

With iOS 7.1,if you have an iPhone 5s you can set HDR to Auto mode now its up to iPhone's sensors,which should enable or disable the features intelligently.

iOS feels faster :

People are supposed to see the biggest speed improvement if you are using iPhone 4 but for iPhone 5 users they are not surprised by the speed as i have an iPhone 5 on this applications load faster form tap to finish.

More stable :

According to Apple,iOS 7.1 includes improvements to Touch ID fingerprint recognition and fixes the "Home screen crash bug".

Reasons to Wait:

People complaining that update breaks the Touch ID:

Some people are saying that iOS 7.1 update improves Touch ID's recognition while on the other hand some people claim opposite on Apple's official forums .if you are dependent on Touch ID you might wait for further update of 7.1 until know more about the perfectness of those support board claims.

Ready for high-end Cars:

Vehicles in 2014 the CarPlay will only be supported by few them like Ferrari ,Mercedes Benz ,Honda ,Hyundai and Volvo more vehicle are there but unspecified date.Now Apple eyeing your car dashboard carplay will allow you to interact with your iPhone plug in and you are able to get directions listen to Music send and receive messages. carplay supports third party apps like Spotify ,Beats Music and iHeartRadio and more and more things coming soon(as Apple promises).

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