Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hack a WiFi network with your Android phone

If you are a student and do't want to spend your pocket money for your internet uses and want to take advantage of your neighbour's  superfast Wi-Fi connection then this article is for only for you. if your neighbour is smart then they probably have it password protected otherwise you would't be reading this article ,would you ? 

A team of researcher came up with a hacking software to get the problem of hardware limitations and added monitor mode to the Android devices to allow them to crack Wi-Fi passwords.

here in monitor mode to an Android device you can see all the traffic going through a network and how many devices are there connected to it but this software can also be used as Wi-Fi hacker .

To add monitor mode to an Android device the team researcher reverse engineered the Broadcom radio chip modified the firmware on the chipsets in Nexux one and Galaxy SII, which are vastly used as Android mobile device.The code is available on Google Code ,but one thing you need to know that is the chipset you have and download the right one code for the respected Chipset on your phone.

Once you have downloaded the code extract and run the setup. they have included instructions for each chipset and a few different devices on their blog so head over for the specifics.

Well done ..go for it 

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