Sunday, 23 March 2014

DIE Survival: how to filter dirty water with a stick

There are a lot of ways to filter dirty water but this trick is one of best way to purify  water near about 99.9 % very effectively but do't forget that this is only for survival situation because of there is 0.1 % impurity so this is not good for your daily use .

For survival situation only:

Environmental expert Robert jackson explained to NPR that even though the filter removes the majority of  bacteria ,it should still only be used in survival situation when there are no other option because of the xylem tissue are the right side for removing bacteria but usually viruses are much smaller and most probably would't be trapped in the filter .

To prove his theory Karnik mechanical engineer set up a simple experiment in his lab after making the filter he poured water he estimated that the filter removed 99.9% of the bacteria.

You are probably not going to find the plastic tube and a clamp from a nearby tree so simple can make difference filter just as well with the piece of wood.

so is it really clean for drinking ? Karnik says that a 3cm piece of wood can filter several litter of water per day. as it is a not a large scale solution but it could make a lot of difference.

you can read more about the study in the teams paper on PLOS ONE .

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